Terraseed Kürbishandel GmbH

Rohrbach 10,
8151 Hitzendorf
Tel.: +43 3123 205280
Tel.: +43 664 4175903
Tel.: +43 664 4175904
Fax.: +43 3123 2052819

FARMING BOUND BY CONTRACT – You request, we sow.

Terraseed offers you all solutions first-hand: You choose the sort and the volume. We take over farming, harvesting, cleaning and delivery. Upon request, we also handle the end-processing of the agricultural commodities. This means: the entire process – from the field to your front door – is individualized and coordinated to your requirements. And yet, we are more than a link between you and our farmers tied to contract because we attend every step on site.
Without question, you have the possibility to personally visit our partner businesses at any time at your convenience.